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Digital Marketing & Social Media Management (Spring 2022) is a Program

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management (Spring 2022)

Time limit: 300 days

$1,421.50 Enroll

Full program description

Continuous Learning is pleased to introduce our re-designed social media program - "Digital Marketing & Social Media Management Certificate Program".

This three-course program is designed for you to take action and launch a Social Media strategy you will implement right away so that you can obtain a successful ROI for your organization. By taking a methodical approach to social media - learn, apply, measure, report - you will be confident that you are using the right messages, using the right channels and eliminate feeling overwhelmed.

Who should attend?

You may use the knowledge and skills developed through this program to build and enhance your social media and digital marketing skills, such as:

  • Social media managers and content creators;
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners;
  • Marketers and event planners; and
  • Anyone looking to build their digital marketing and social media skills.

What you'll learn

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Integrate and execute an effective social media campaign extend word-of-mouth awareness and be the “go-to” thought leader for your target audience;
  • Develop practical strategies to position your brand properly using the right social media channels that work best for your audience; and
  • Construct a time-management system to ensure you’re getting the maximum impact of your time on Social Media to eliminate overwhelm and stay focused on producing results.

Required elements

Successfully complete all three (3) courses listed here to receive a formal certificate: